Thursday, September 22, 2011

Well Structured

After a few years of religiously carrying around my hobo bag, the tide has turned. My luxuriously roomy arm candy has become a black hole for my belongings (think daily "I definitely lost my wallet" panic attacks). I need some structure in my life! Surely a crisp new satchel bag will do the trick. Speaking of, this style of handbag has climbed to the top of the fashion charts lately so the pickings are anything but slim. And what a perfect way to make any outfit look pulled together, without sacrificing fun - aka sophisticated back to school style, for the kid at heart. It also dawned on me that satchel bags are most decidedly borrowed from the boys. I see a shadow of a briefcase or old school doctor's bag even in the pinkest of pink varieties. My mind must have been stuck in retro mode as my online bag admiration session somehow also led me to discover this vintage wallpaper carrier. Yes, yes, we all love to hate on '70s olive green and burnt orange but come fall, these colors fit right in! 
**These days, none of my handbag related thoughts would be complete with out bringing Brahmin bags into the picture. These beauties are crafted in the right in Fairhaven, MA and make a great case for being your next "investment piece."**

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