Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Madrid, Shopping Bag in Hand

And last but not least in the Madrid wrap up, let's talk shop(ping). Just as I was unprepared for the number of pastry shops I'd encounter, the amount of clothing options were out of control. There was a wonderful selection of wears from local and national designers that were as gorgeous as they were affordable. The easy breezy aesthetic of Madrid really comes through. Yet another reason to love this city! I'd be lying if I said it was easy to be walking by said shops almost everyday while around town with my girlfriends! I have no shopper's regret however, I will love everything I bought for years to come, especially the big suede satchel I got at the first spot on my "must" list: Hakei. They sell mostly clothing but their luxurious leather bags and shoes made them stand out. I hope I don't regret not scooping up those ballet flats too!
Hands down my favorite find was Malababa. Carriers of jewelry, handbags, and accessories, everything is handcrafted in country. Just visiting one of their stores is a treat. I will be taking a page out of their book as far as home design goes as well. Can I live here please?! Following my shoe trend here, I am pretty sure that those flats are the coolest shoes I have ever seen. That's how the pair looks, with one shoe in each color spectrum. This works in a quirky by lady-like way.

eseOese wasn't too shabby either. It's J. Crew-meets-Anthropologie vibe really hit the spot, especially with summer on the horizon. 

On the extra fun fashion end of things is Kling. The location I visited even had a vintage section in back!

Ok so Zara is a Spanish brand so this one still counts even though it's all over the globe! I hadn't loved anything that came out in a long time but I am glad I revisited. Their spring and summer collections are spot on. 

The part of Zara they are still hiding from us United States folks is Zara Home. I couldn't help but share all these photos. Happiness via bright colors is real!

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