Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Magic of Magritte

Last week I completed the most recent assignment for the Photoshop class I have been taking, the task being to create a composition with an optical illusion. While M. C. Esher, the father of upside down staircases himself first comes to mind, it was great to explore this idea further. Beyond just straightforward visual tricks lies a whole world of surrealism where the mind, rather than the eye, is being targeted. I was also reminded that it is for this reason that René Magritte ranks among my favorite artists. Always witty, more than often a bit macabre, and occasionally enigmatic, the works of this early 20th century Belgian painter can be at once inspiring and disquieting. 

What's more, the Magritte Museum that opened in Brussels two years ago (in 2009, two years after I visited the city) is now on my hot list! Check out the building before the opening. 

Lastly, my own humble optical illusion assignment is below. I went for cheeky, not dark but the same double take reaction is evoked. The scenery image is my own, from my time in Senegal. The animals were borrowed. I will post a close up of the leopard turned zebra (leebra? zepard?) soon.

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