Sunday, April 8, 2012

Museum Encounters: Prado and Reina Sophia

Hello, hello! Well, Very Vanilla is still taking Spain by storm and now it's time to talk art! Now that I have hit all my marks museum wise, I have some paintings to gush about. While I of course went to see all the masterpieces I already was familiar with, the most fun for me is to discover new works and artists that I'd never seen of or heard of before. In the process I even discovered a new museum.

First off, the Prado. One is obliged to go and wander through the endless galleries of Goya, Velazquez, El Greco and beyond. A little too much gloom and doom if you ask me (and Goya's black paintings are downright terrifying) but I of course appreciate the out-of-this-world artistry of the collection and its historical significance. 
The Garden of Earthly Delights - Hieronymus Bosch
The Pearl and the Wave - Paul Baudry
The Prado's modern counterpart is the Reina Sophia. The building itself is worth celebrating, successfully fusing the older structure with the larger, futuristic wing. So much of the exterior is reflective that it creates some interesting optical illusions. 

Of course the museum's claim to fame (and rightly so) is Pablo Picasso's Guernica. More than 11' high x 25' feet wide, its size is as powerful as its message. It was intense to see it in person. 

On a lighter subject, I saw Hermen Anglada-Camarasa's work for the first time. I am very much reminded of Gustav Klimt's paintings which I have sung the praises of here. I love the use of dark tones with pops of color. Sonia de Klamery was the only one hanging in the Reina, I will have to seek the others out!

 Sonia de Klamery

La Sibila, La Caixa
Chula de Ojos Verdes, Retrato de Leticia Bosch
The White Peacock
Granadina, Sevillana
La Gata Rosa
Feria de Valencia

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