Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Enchantment: John William Waterhouse

I was just on my way out from my cousin's place the other day when my eyes grazed the cover of a John William Waterhouse book. A carpenter/sculpture by trade living with his painter/illustrator girlfriend, these folks have good taste. How I had not discovered the breadth of Waterhouse's work before, I am unsure but I have voraciously researched the subject since this revelation! The book was a great place to start, Phaidon has proved time and time again to be a stellar publisher of all things beautiful (and sometimes edible too). A Pre-Raphaelite, some argue Neo-Classical painter, Waterhouse captures mytical, mystical scenes with all my favorite personages - Cleopatra, mermaids, Greek goddesses, and more. The Brit's works are sometimes romantic, often a touch creepy but always beautiful. I will let the art speak for itself now.

1) Ariadne
2) My Sweet Rose, Undine
3) After the Dance
4) The Lady of Shalott
5) Thisbe, Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden
6) Windflower, Boreas
7) The Crystal Ball, Circe Invidiosa
8) Saint Cecilia
9) Grecian Flower Market
10) Danaides, The Mermaid

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