Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heavenly Style: The Women from Camelot

Within the first five minutes of viewing Camelot, I was hooked.  And it wasn't because of the sword fighting and witchcraft. The three main female characters are dressed to perfection in every scene. Someone, please give that costume designer an award! Top notch production quality and the adults-only take on this classic tale lent themselves perfectly to detail oriented, downright sexy dresses, jewelry and hair. Google Images was short on stills from the show, so I took matters into my own hands and snapped some of my own. Since the Camelot/King Arthur story is mainly fiction, the costumer really experimented and drew from many periods of history - Egyptian, Roman, Medieval, who cares about historical accuracy when the outfits look so good? More on the designer's work here.

Eva Green has got to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Oh, and she's Parisian, which explains it. Cast in the role of Morgan, the King's vengeful sister, her ruthless, seductress ways rival the most notorious of female characters.  She has the style to match, channeling Cleopatra with dark, bluntly cut hair and kohl black eye make up. I am most in love with the ensemble directly below. The dress was inspired by one the costumer saw on the Alexander McQueen runway, the necklace was spotted in my dreams.

Igraine is the former queen, so she retains much of that royal swagger. Her look is all about gold, gemstones, and jeweltones. Each outfit has so many competing elements but it works since the focus is on texture while the color palette stays simple. At top right, her bold earrings and necklace, paired with an even bolder crown and matching dress are worn in perfect harmony.

While Guinevere's style is more peasant than royalty, she wins hands down for best hair. Funny how braids and headdresses are now back in vogue.

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