Monday, July 18, 2011

That was a first! : Baby Blanket Complete

Once again with the reviving of old timey mainstays, let me present to you my first crochet project! And let me tell you, granny squares never looked better. When I heard my good friend was expecting, I knew a baby blanket was in order. It turned out to be a super opportunity to teach myself the craft while on my European adventure earlier this year. Sixteen squares later (plus one late, late night), a blanket emerges!  I put in most of the time on various trains during my trip. Turns out handicrafts and quaint old world scenery go hand in hand. It was great to be working on individual pieces which made the things much more portable plus I got to try out four different designs. I adapted a bigger blanket pattern to make the piece more child-size. Gift wrapping this item proved to be a challenge but my friend Cassidy had a nifty idea - lose the paper entirely and just fold up with a big bow. It's hard to appreciate it now since the temps in New England are more on the tropical spectrum right now, but come winter this little one is going to stay warm!

Images via: Me (turns out my iphone camera isn't half bad!)

It had been interesting to compare crochet with knitting. To me, they are horses of different colors and each have different purposes. You can't beat knitted apparel but crochet generally has more possibilities since it holds it's shape better.  For example, this adorable apron may be my next project. Can't wait!

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