Friday, July 15, 2011

A Crop of Pots

As one of my favorite pastimes, I have been meaning to do a little rambling on about pottery. I had dabbled in clay for quite some time but I made a commitment to myself about a year ago to stick with pottery and ceramics for good!  Being lucky enough to find a lovely, supportive environment for doing so has certainly helped. It is so refreshing to work with one's hands after a day at the office, it really helps me unwind and clear my head - you would be surprised how quickly 3+ hours pass in the studio! Clay is just the most wonderful of mediums.  It is plentiful, generally forgiving to my clumsy hands, and most cool of all - recyclable up until the point of firing. Above all, this craft has taught me that patience is paramount - I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me. Alone, this is not a bad thing but completing one piece takes hours of dedication, with a little good luck sprinkled in - count yourself fortunate if your work does not crack and the glaze looks good! So far I have been met with numerous challenges but it's all part of the learning process, no one can fully teach you how to do it, it's a trial and error sort of endeavor. In several ways, I have hit my stride, most important is that I now feel comfortable sharing my work! I am even submitting some work for my company's employee art show (wish me luck!). 

It's funny, as I selected the photos for the below pieces, I realized that there was undoubtedly some subliminal bias towards certain colors. My love for all things coral and turquoise really shines through here! Those are my favorite materials for jewelry and plus I even managed to incorporate my favorite color of all time (purple!). I am especially proud of the jar.  The knob is a drawer pull I found on sale at Anthrophogie. It is a little oversized but I could not resist the color combo. I love mixed media and intend to explore this concept further. 

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