Friday, August 5, 2011

Tables by Number

Now for some more fun with wedding crafts! Living far away from the bride allowed me little chance to help  plan the big day, so I felt good about my big job of making all the table markers.  My friend is a traditional type of gal so we opted for good old fashioned numbers instead of taking the more sentimental route (street names, song titles, etc.). I was a little nervous, my only knowledge of what the table set up was going to look like being given to me in words alone, but everything came together in the most perfect way. I am normally one for contrasting colors, but to my surprise and delight, the blue and green theme was anything gorgeous and perfect for the summer season - a calm, cool compliment to the 90+ degree heat!
I must say, for as much wedding inspiration that exists on the world wide web, table number ideas are few and far between it seems. Perhaps they are the forgotten piece to the wedding day puzzle and end up being more of an after thought? Luckily, I pressed onward and a little tinkering went a long way. I even furthered my mission to start using up the oh so many craft items I already own. Turns out it is much easier to buy supplies than it is to use them! I had a pack of blue and green paper in complementary patterns so this was a good jumping off point. The patterns were getting busy however and so I decorated some paper of my own with stencils, skewers and a dash of spray paint. I would love to learn calligraphy and maybe even do place cards too!

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