Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blue Beauties

My newest batch of baked (non-edible) goodies has arrived! After realized that I was using my big, deep Japanese soup bowls much more than my plates, I decided a new set was in order. In pottery, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses - I for one can whip up a vertical vase in no time but certainly struggle with lower, wider shapes. While I am still perfecting my curves, these babies look alike enough, especially in a unifying color. Very happy with the glaze I might add. I dipped each one all in shiny white and then poured a tiny bit of shiny green in each bottom plus did a little sponging. Interestingly, the result is a crisp light blue. Oh and once again, my subconscious has gotten the best of me - this glaze design looks a whole lot like the one on a lovely set of coasters from Anthropologie! 

Images Via: Me, Anthopologie

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