Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Out and About

Madrid has a reputation for being a hyperactive locale but I have found it to still be quite livable. So far, mis compañeras and I have spent most post-class afternoons simply wandering the grand boulevards and exploring the narrow Smart Car-sized alley ways. My program’s activities director certainly helped me get oriented however. She took us to what has been my favorite street so far, Corredera Alta de San Pablo which included this gem: Lolina. Cozy with retro furnishings and nouveau Spanish snacks, it had just the right vibe.

Staying on the cuisine theme, while the other students and I may be from different countries, we are all united on the pastry front. La Mallorquina takes little searching, it’s right off Puerta del Sol, but there’s no need to look further, this place takes the cake (or croissant). I may or may not have gone here two days in a row. How could I possibly choose from such things as a dulce de leche cream filled empanada or a apricot jam danish?

It appears that there is some sort of event just about every day at Sol. The other day it was a demonstration.

Friday, we checked out Plaze del Toro where the bullfighting action happens. While I don’t think I could stomach seeing the real deal, the stadium itself was worth the visit. It has gorgeous tiling and Morrish style architecture.

Saturday, I had a delightful Prado session but the weather was so nice I had to wander around town as well! Once I visit the other art museums I will do a dedicated post of my favorites.

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  1. Great pics, as always, Hannah. Looks like you're getting out and seeing lots of good stuff. Lots of homework and studying going on too, right? Hahaha.


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