Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Journaling

Very Vanilla has had some extra time to cook in the past few weeks and it has been nothing but glorious. They say food is all about presentation and it seems this holds true even when you are eating a meal prepared by your own two hands. Having breakfast in a real bowl is surprisingly superior to eating on the go (or even at the desk). While Cheerios and a banana every morning doesn't bother me, a little variety is always appreciated! Lots of homemade granola with yogurt. Real stovetop oatmeal. Fresh muffins. I could go on forever. Instead, I will go on forever about the other delights I have whipped up recently. Behold my food journal, entry #1. I do love devoting a post to a single exceptionally delish dish but this is more about plain and simple eating fun. I have to play with my food once in a while after all!
The Celtics are on. Why not make sweet potato fries with curry aioli and honey mustard dipping sauce?

Free morning? Break out the pseudo espresso machine that is a Bialetti and frother wand.
Feeling ambitious enough to recreate your favorite (non-chocolate) cookie? Try these fig newtons, made with whole wheat flour.

I happened to have a jar of organic applesauce from the cooperative farm a friend works on so I used it in place of the apple juice. It made it much easier to get a jammy texture for the filling.

I can't wait to make these again come fresh fig season in the fall!

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