Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Very Merry Birthday

I celebrated my birthday earlier this month and I have to hand it to my friends and family, I received some amazing presents. I can't help but celebrate these objects' innate beauty, especially since vintage jewelry is involved!

First up, a pair of lovely cloisonne hair combs that my friend found on Etsy. I am thinking they are Japanese inspired with the fan and oriental flowers. They are so unique (and have purple in them!) that I am waiting for the perfect moment to break them out. I appears that these days, combs are reserved as bridal accessories only but I will change that! These are just too irresistible. 

This antique bracelet was given to me by my boyfriend's grandmother. I think she read my mind. I simply cannot imagine anything more exquisite. I had just seen the Pompeii exhibit at the Museum of Science and was stunned by how stylish the nearly 2000 year old jewelry artifacts were. Brilliant gold, cascading chains, pure elegance - this piece is in a very similar vein, though its origins are more shrouded in mystery. It belonged to my boyfriend's great-grandmother, given to her by a former world-traveling lover. The only clue I have is the Arabic engraving located in the center of each part of the clasp. Hopefully some day I will find out what it says.

And last but not least, my new footwear that I will surely where for the next decade or so. Cowboy boots are hands down the basis of nearly all my outfits. I could ramble on further but I am pretty sure I made my passion clear in this earlier post! I still wear my original pair of men's boots (more roomy = way comfortable) but those are so rugged that I was yearning for a sleeker, slimmer version mainly so that I'd have a boot to wear on nearly every occasion. I fell in love with the dusty charcoal color - Frye wins again!

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