Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Almost Back to Boot Season!

**Yes, you may have noticed that I updated my blog design. I will be adding more personalized touches in the coming months but in the meantime was dying for something a little more streamlined.  Let me know what you think!**

It rained yesterday and I have to say, putting on some closed toe shoes felt real nice. While I happily cast off socks for a few summer months, I do go into withdrawal as I start to miss my beloved cowboy boots. This particular pair was a gift from my mother who also has passed on the "gift" of boot-addiction. Over my six+ years of ownership, these boots have become finely aged and distressed, really they are now an extension of my body.  That said, there is always room for more pairs. Fall offerings have hit stores on and offline everywhere so I am setting my sights on some new western inspired wares. At the top of my list are some fresh picks from Frye (obviously) and my newest discovery, Sendra. Turns out the Spaniards are the father of the cowboy boot - and this company is doing a superb job carrying on the tradition!
Top: 5529 Judy B., 2073 Maxi, 6990 Cuero Britnes (all by Sendra)
Middle: Jane Braid, Deborah Studded Tall, 
Deborah Back Lace - Cognac (all by Frye)
Bottom: unknown, 3434 58 Seta, 7860 H Rolling (all by Sendra)

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