Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Inspiration

This weekend was all about relaxation. I headed down to the family getaway spot, seaside in Westport, MA. The town likes to keep to itself so I can always count on peace, quiet, and downtime. I've seen better beach weather but there was no lack of rural inspiration. Our place is actually on the river that feeds into the bay so instead of sand, we have adjacent cornfields and plenty of wildlife - majestic cranes and other water birds nest in the marshes while little cottontail rabbits show their adorable selves at dusk. The bucolic setting of course calls for the enjoyment of fresh farm fare from both mother and daughter's bountiful CSAs. Some favorite things below. Oh, and if you ever find yourself in the area, check out some local attractions.

Westport Rivers Vineyard
Just Beer Brewery
Horseneck Beach
Westport Town Farm
Osprey Sea Kayak

1) Mixed salad greens (some purples too!).
2 & 5) They don't call them cornflowers for nothing, these wild blossoms line the driveway with corn fields on each side. I am in love with their periwinkle hue!
3) Tiny, bite-size cherry tomatoes are salad ready when simply sliced in half.
4) The family feline enjoying a midnight snack. I love how the lighting comes across, it remind me of a still life painting.

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