Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wooly, Wooly: A Pendleton Round-Up

Help! I have a serious obsession with all things Pendleton!  Winter is approaching so I find myself increasingly drawn to all things warm and fuzzy. Durning a visit to Portland, Maine this weekend, I happened across a chic boutique whose window display featured one fantastic black and white wool/leather weekender. I already own entirely too many travel bags so I reluctantly passed it by. That said, after feeling a tinge of non-buyer's remorse I was relieved to find it here (also at right), just in case I changed my mind. 

The Oregon-based brand's bright woolen blankets are probably their most sought after offering, perfect for chilly nights. They'd look pretty fab on the wall as well.

These same textiles work wonders on apparel and home goods too. How spectacular is this furniture? The leather accents make it sophisticated but the cozy cushions mean no stick-to-your-skin nonsense.
Pendleton makes many a plaid print but as you can see, the Native American inspired designs have captured my imagination as of late. And I am not the only one. The felted wool fabric has been utilized by many others over the years which makes for some good vintage and new finds. The recent Pendleton for Opening Ceremony collaboration gives these patterns a modern twist on cropped jackets and pencil skirts while some choice blazer and coat Esty finds keep things oversize and classic.

Or how about these two striped affairs via Yuketen and Madewell? I have a fear of primary colors and can't say I feel much towards backpacks these days, yet I'd sport either one of these! 

Better yet, these cushions are covered with reworked blankets for that one-of-a-kind look. Overall, geometric patterns are oh-so-versatile but beware, there is a fine line between totally modern and horribly outdated. My rules: avoid the 1980's by saying no to neon color schemes and use home items sparingly - leave the matchy-matchy  to the ski lodges. Anything I missed? What are your favorite wooly items?

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