Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fresh Find: Sweet Paul Magazine

I consider myself to be an embracer of all things tech but it's admittedly been a struggle to even fathom the idea of reading an e-book or e-magazine. No iPad, no Kindle just plain old used books and mailed-to-me 'zines (ok, and a J. Crew catalog or two). Turns out I just needed a little push in the right direction.  Amidst a lazy Saturday morning, I came across Sweet Paul magazine, an digital magazine to be exact! This prop stylist turned blogger extraordinaire releases a nifty little quarterly publication that's free to read online. A gorgeous minimalist design and highly approachable food and art features set this guy apart. And if you were not sold yet - even the advertisements are pretty. No need to sacrifice the entire old school magazine experience either, it's set up using Coverleaf so you can flip through and even "clip" pages just like the real thing! Speaking of, my favorite clippings are below. Enjoy and of course, check it out at Sweet Paul the blog and Sweet Paul digital magazine. What fantastic e-mag are you reading?

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