Monday, July 11, 2011

The Modern Wreath

Nothing is more satisfying to me than reinventing a classic. And the traditional wreath sure deserves a makeover. This door adornment is tried and true but has certainly been misinterpreted at times - I have seen many a poor wreath smattered with gaudy faux flowers, glittery pine cones, an obnoxious bow or worse yet, all of the above. Call it the anti-wreath if you like, but I simply set out to create something more, er, timeless. I wrapped the base in some extra yarn I was hoping to use up and pinned cutout felt with fabric germanium petals and jewel tone beads. I was never too patient with bows so I cheated a little here - the grosgrain ribbon is cut and glue gunned instead of tied. The color scheme also happens to match my door which I can assure you is a mere coincidence!  Not bad for a first go around, right? There will be more of these in my future.

Images via: Me

1 comment:

  1. Very lovely!... and you're right it does compliment your door well! I made one similar though I didn't use yarn...and it was tons of fun to make! I agree with you...there may be more in my future as well! Awesome job!! Visiting from FTLOB!!


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