Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pravoslav Rada Exhibit in Prague

As you can imagine, after coming back from a 2 1/2 week trip in Turkey/Europe, I certainly have a lot to say about it :) Since working in the "real world," this has been the longest I have taken off and to my delight-it actually feel like a long time! Elise, my wanderluster in crime, and I made it to seven cities. Go us! There will be many posts to come on this adventure, the order of these being dictated by what I am dreaming about at the moment.  

On that note-I visited the Prague Museum of Decorative Arts and while the permanent collection was lovely (great jewelry collections from the past few centuries), it was the current exhibit that took the cake. Pravoslav Rada was a Czech ceramist whose work has a sense of humor that I have never quite experienced before. Each piece is so personal and whimsical without being cheesy.  If I had one of these pieces in my home, I am pretty sure it would evoke infinite smiles. 

Outside the Museum.  Love the simplicity of these posters.

Images via: The Curated ObjectDesign Mag, Me

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  1. I have an original ceramic sculpture of a bird made by Pravoslav Rada when he was in New Haven CT, USA in 1987. I knew him very well and I shared a studio with him. I watched him create many wonderful sculptures while he was in the USA. He gifted the bird to me. If anyone is interested in it please contact me at


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