Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY to-do list

Upcycling is truly the best way to take advantage of vintage pieces one would normally have no use for.  I mean honestly, who uses suitcases without wheels anymore? It's a sad thought because most old luggage is much classier than your average blah, black nylon number. But never fear! Pop some feet on that unwieldy leather box and you have yourself a table that has storage to boot. I know what's at the top of my thrifting list now.  Most second hand shops are suitcase graveyards which is super because that means I can get picky.  How great would a rich brown leather covered one look with bright colored little legs? Check out the source below plus two other lovely repurposed items! 
This piece is so cheerful, imagine the possibilities!

This lamp gives old China a whole new life.

A little over the top (where does the water go?!) but so imaginative and symbolic.

Images via: DingalingVntgdaisies and pearlsThe Violet Hours

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