Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This Old House, Part Deux

Remember that grand old building I live in? Through the ups and downs, it's been a great ride but the house is now sold and Very Vanilla will be moving on soon! Goodbye dust bunnies and drafty windows, hello "real" apartment with a full size kitchen and closets (fingers crossed). In efforts to capture all my favorite features, I have been snapping photos of this here homestead since last fall. I certainly will miss living under such tall, majestic trees. The two story high columns are not bad either!

When I say "old," I should say "ancient." Certain areas of the interior were never refinished and have almost literally stood still in time. Many vestiges of the old school remain, including the bowling alley! What school would be complete without one of those? I love the wooden pins and paint whose sea foam hue is barely hanging on.

Most certainly my favorite feature is the Secret Garden-esque trellis which has held wisteria vines for over 100 years.

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