Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Spanish Flair

Wow, it's amazing how time flies! It's almost time for the next adventure but don't worry, I still have more Madrid fantasticness to share. While I gather steam for the next posts on food and shopping, here are is another slice of Spanish life. 

As you may have read in the ol' news reel, Spain had a general strike on March 29th which turned into demonstations later in the day. I happened to be by Plaza de Cibeles and I had just noticed the whole intersection was barricaded when all of a sudden the crowds started coming. The people sure were out in numbers, it was quite the sight to see. I walked back to Plaza del Sol later on and saw a second gathering. 

Two weekends ago I got up the courage to walk all the way from my neck of the woods to downtown. I actually ended up going all the way to the Reina Sophia which is just as well - I need to compensate for all the Milka bars I have been enjoying! Walking is one of my favorite parts of travelling to new cities. It really helps one get to know the lay of the land plus it's the best way to make new discoveries! For example, I got a stellar view of the Palacio Real. This is the view from the street once I got down the steep hill where my neighborhood is situated. Then, after crossing the river (it's actually more like a steam), I saw the back side of La Latina neighborhood with plenty of quite little terraces perfect for enjoying a cool drink!

Flower and plant market in La Latina.
 Dramatic weather at Plaza de Colon.
 Hard times on Calle de Atocha.

A somewhat cryptic but amusing statement about marriage on Mesón de Paredes. 

The famous Rasto market also in La Latina. It was worth a peek but good finds seem to be few and far between as the offerings are either cheap Chinese goods or expensive antiques. I am hopeful I will track down some good flea markets during the rest of my travels though!

A colorful student group hanging out at Templo de Debod, Madrid's one and only ancient Egyptian monument.

The lovely Parque del Capricho which is a short metro ride to Barajas, just outside the city. Precioso! 

A swatch of sky and a view from Casa del Campo near my apartment. Unfortunately the camera doesn't show it well but the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains were extra visible, snow capped and all.

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