Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wall Flowers

As much as I love the four seasons that New England does so well, I often dream of residing out west where I could have a true outdoor living room. The go-to place for relaxing, reading, napping, eating, drinking, or just sunning. A place with plush cushions, plants, pretty decorations, lanterns and maybe even a chaise lounge or two. Porch, patio, deck, I am not picky. Just a private little retreat where I can get some fresh air! Some day. I inadvertently collect objects that would fit oh-so-nicely in such a space. These hanging wall vases I just finished are a step in the right direction for sure. The glazes are reminiscent of marble or stone and the highly texturized rope makes it hard to deny that these guys belong closer to nature. This project had been in arts n' crafts purgatory for quite some time. The last firing was complete back in late summer but I finally had the chance yesterday to dig through some dusty storage bins to find the rope. It's Japanese garden twine that my dear mother had stockpiled from our time living abroad. And boy am I happy she did. Durable, rich in color and elegantly rustic, I am sure to be incorporating this into many future endeavors!

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