Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Tale of Two Thanksgivings

I don't know about you, but Thanksgiving wins the number one spot in my heart (and stomach), as far as holidays are concerned. So it begs the question - why not have two? A prequel if you will, with good friends and special treats. In its fourth incarnation, the event has become quite the tradition in my circle and this is why you will love it too!

1) Friends: As much as I love to gather 'round the family table for some turkey and stuffing, having a pre-thanksgiving feast is the perfect excuse to gather everyone for some festive food and drink before the year slips away. Those friends from college who have been promising to visit for forever? Consider them there.

2)Decorations: Outdoor cookouts are lovely but I rather prefer the intimacy of sitting down at the table together. Plus, it's a great excuse to play hostess. I broke out my up-cycled candelabra - ugly brass + leaves + gold paint = magic, and even pulled together some real centerpieces, of fall's bounty. A classy version of the cornucopia, if you will, which also featured thirfted items turned fantastic with gold paint. 

3)Food: No need to follow the traditional Thanksgiving cuisine, there are plenty of feast favorites to choose from! Jules, the boyfriend, smoked a 16-pound ham to juicy perfection. I was on dessert duty, and a few oven temperature scares later, successfully made a chocolate coconut pecan pie, a pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin puree, and a smoked peach clafoutis. I know, I know, there is no use in trying to choose. One slice of each please! 
Note: Clafoutis is a French custard-like creation which is as foolproof to make as it is delish. I followed Flour Bakery's version and subbed in the peaches, most fruits will do.

4) Collaboration: Let's face it, not even your BFF would dream of arriving empty handed so face these facts from the beginning and enlist the help of your guests. I gave everyone the menu beforehand and the results were out of this world. My friend, Cassandra saw what I didn't - what is a dinner of ham, brussels sprouts and roast veggies without a side of mac & cheese?! Speaking of cheese, our Vermont friends brought down the best dairy creations the state has to offer. Throw some mulled wine into the mix (aka: autumn-in-a-glass), courtesy of Sabrina, a you have yourself a party!


  1. Sup Hannah,

    I'm usually a turkey guy, but that ham is mouth watering. Really nice pictures. Great lighting, good angles, and vibrant colors. Collaboration is really the only way to go. I went to a everybody-bring-at-least-one-item thanksgiving party one time with like 20 people, the food was delicious, and somehow there were virtually no leftovers. Anyways, cool post, the whole two thanksgiving idea is definitely something I can get behind. xD


  2. Hannah, your photos are stunning! The menu sounds outstanding too....and please say you will make the chocolate coconut pecan pie for Christmas?????

  3. Mmmm, cheese, mulled wine, food... Looking forward to tomorrow's fixins.

  4. Hannah, love the photos - so fun and festive! Really enjoy reading your blog; very entertaining and well written.

    I hope all is well with you and your family. Looks like the holidays are shaping up gorgeously for you all!

  5. Thanks hun, glad you are enjoying it :) All is well over here and I hope the same for you! Miss your face!


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