Monday, October 17, 2011

Very Vintage: IKHAN on Esty

Etsy sellers continue to amaze me with their ability to put their unique spin on each shop. In my seemingly never ending search for a new handbag, I stumbled across IKHAN, a super sumptuous vintage shop with a curated selection of clothing and accessories. We all know there is a fine line between retro-cool and hopelessly irrelevant (polyester, I am talking to you), but this gettin' place has plucked out the best of the best. Each piece has one element of surprise, a flash of the unexpected that take it from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus, with a merchandised-by-color set up and streamlined photography, I find it very easy to imagine myself in the below little numbers.

Images via: IKHAN Vintage


  1. OH my gosh .. LOVE that belt! Great find!

  2. There are some awesome shops out there!! Great finds. Love that Mum skirt and floral dress!!


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