Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Memorial Day Feast

Everyone knows that "vacation" really is synonymous with "let me throw caution to the wind and eat to my heart's content." And Memorial Day weekend is no exception. The meaning of the holiday was lost many barbecues ago, so let's get to the eating part! Admittedly our cookout was last minute (read: ill-planned) but the food offerings did not suffer. Jules made his famous pork spare ribs. They are so legendary in fact that last summer, even one of our vegetarian guests could not resist! As an all too rational person, I at first did not agree with a certain someone that purchasing a smoker was at all necessary. False. It was the best idea ever. It's a simple but huge apparatus which resembles a space ship much more than a meat cooking device. Seriously, it looks as though it may blast off any minute. The ribs get better every time - moist on the inside, fantastically chewy on the outside, all around meat falling of the bone goodness. These were served with Asian cole slaw and whole wheat corn bread.
My pride an joy of the evening was the strawberry rhubarb pie. My mother had brought me some home grown rhubarb and I mean what is a rhubarb novice, like me, to do but make some pie? The stalks were on the green side but this had no consequences, the dessert came out perfect. I need to make pie more often, it's so fun to make. I will always insist on making my own crust but I have yet to settle on my preferred version. I thought an oil crust was the easiest of the brunch to make after many a fight with the more traditional cold butter method, but thanks to this recipe, I discovered yet another reason to worship my food processor! Next on the metal to-do list: a lattice pie. 

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  1. that looks amazing! have you ever tried vodka in your crust? I have yet to try it but know people that swear by its flaky crust making ability ;-)


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