Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lust At First Sight: House of Harlow 1960

News flash - while I consider myself to be a champion of personal style, I do not claim to be über up to the minute on fashion. Furthermore, I am perennially skeptical of celebrity "designers." I am always open to exceptions however and I found one during a search for the perfect stacked ring set. House of Harlow 1960, um can we be friends? Yes, yes, I know this is perhaps old news but wow, I give Nicole Richie props for genuinely making  a contribution to the fashion world. It also helps that I am hopelessly devoted to jewelry of the bohemian genre. These pieces are so elegant, show stopping but understated. The coin earrings have Egyptian princess written all over them, the studs have leather inserts, and the ring has my all time favorite, abalone.  I'd be willing to spring for a piece, but how would I ever choose? The swooning has begun!

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